Wednesday, July 29, 2015

Mass Immigration to the U.S.: What It's All About

"The push for mass immigration from 'developing' countries has nothing to do with solving world poverty. It would be an odd way to do it: I know - let's move all the poor people to American suburbs! According to the World Bank, 2.4 billion people - about a third of the earth's population - live on less than two dollars a day. Until the world economy reaches perfect equilibrium and there is no reason for anyone to move from one country to another, billions of desperate people will want to come to America. We can't take them all, so which billion of the starving masses are liberals going to exclude? Will it involve death panels? Are liberals going to trample on the rights of Bangladeshis? They're dying of cholera! Is it their brown skin liberals don't like? Sorry, liberals, but your white picket fence sense of America and fear of 'Furriners' can't hold back the 2.4 billion in this worldwide humanitarian crisis.

"Our current immigration law's preference for destitute people from backward cultures (peasants - ed.) is merely a convenience for the 1 percent. The elites will be gung-ho for a (border) fence just as soon as every college graduate - at least from one of the better schools - can afford a maid, a nanny, a chef, and a gardener. At that point, the elite will stop pretending to care about the world's poor. America will be Brazil, with a well-pampered, itty-bitty upper class, amid an ocean of poor people.

"Half a century of (Edward) Kennedy's immigration law already has us all on our way to becoming a nation of Have-Everythings and Have-Nothings. Fabulously wealthy towns like Malibu, California; Atherton, California; Woodside, California; Greenwich, Connecticut; New York's Upper East Side; and Palm Beach, Florida, are lily-white - and getting whiter! But in the rest of the country, once-white towns are going majority Hispanic like dominoes: Van Nuys, California; San Bernardino, California; Oxnard, California; Shelbyville, Kentucky; Danbury, Connecticut; Monroe, North Carolina; and Siler City, North Carolina - home of The Andy Griffith Show's 'Aunt Bee.' It's a sweet deal the elites have: They get to have cheap nannies and lawn boys in the whitest towns in America - and feel morally superior at the same time! What's not to like about that?

"Immigration isn't about rescuing the 2.4 billion people of the world living on less than two dollars a day. It's about enriching the already rich, who like to laugh at blue-collar people being ground down by cheap labor. It's about Carlos Slim, Zoe Baird, Kimba Wood, Mark Zuckerberg, and Sheldon Adelson getting richer. It's about the gilded class being able to afford a battery of servants. It's about ethnic activists increasing their power and media desirability. It's about Democrats winning a permanent political majority. And it's about Republican officeholders pleasing their well-heeled donors and clinging to power, at least for a few more years. What use does New Jersey Governor Chris Christie have for an out-of-work roofer when Mark Zuckerberg wants to be his friend? The only people not benefiting from immigration are ordinary Americans. But who cares about them?"

------Ann Coulter, "Adios, America!"

Sunday, July 26, 2015

OOPS..They Meant The USA...typos of the Times

BUSINESS | The China Factor 


China's Global Ambitions, With Loans and Strings Attached 



The country has invested billions in Ecuador and elsewhere, using its economic clout to win diplomatic allies and secure natural resources around the world.

Friday, July 17, 2015

Iran and Humanity vs. the Master Race of Chosen People

The performance of fading imperial power becomes more dangerous with each new crisis it faces, whether real, imagined or the logical outcome of its weakening intellectual and moral foundation which threatens the material structure we call civilization. Even while Greece is being treated with the near economic savagery previously reserved for developing and non-european countries, the attempted step into reality in recognizing Iran’s importance in the world, especially its dominant role in the middle east, is accompanied by enough hypocritical gall and bloody arrogance to make ISIS look very reasonable by comparison.

Having suffered brutal western assault since their Islamic revolution of 1979 which discarded a minority government of European toadies for a more homegrown majority representation of its people, Iran has finally forced the USA, though not its seemingly conjoined-by-dollars twin Israel, to face at least a small part of reality. But this tiny recognition of what most of the world, especially many people in the middle east, already knows is accompanied by a tremendous amount of backlash-to-logic.

The bellowing of both the Israeli leadership and its Knesset Caucus in the USA continues treating Iran as some major threat to humanity and especially settler innocents in a colony of supremacists from Europe who’ve established a homeland in the middle of a Semitic world. But that’s okay because god said it was really theirs, a thousand or two thousand years ago or so. And even if many of those euros are atheists who say they don’t believe in god. Business is business and real estate is a big business, especially when the realtor is a deity.

The appalling arrogance necessary for the only nation to have invented and used nuclear weapons to stand over another and make sure it doesn’t create such a maniacal arsenal is enough to make hyenas and jackals barf as they perform nature’s dictates in eating the dead. But this is on a par with the settler chorus singing hosannas to peace and democracy while it bludgeons Palestinians into bloody colonial victims while its own collection of nuclear death dealing remains secret to all as long as they believe in the easter bunny and the tooth fairy.

The master race is indeed threatened by any rising independent power against its dominance in a world it considers its private market, especially the oil mall in the Middle East. Adherents to The Chosen psycho politics swear that Iran, as eventually the entire world, is intent on genocidal extermination of the Jewish nation. That last has been an ongoing program since biblical times, at least according to a minority interpretation, which could lead one to wonder how there are any people left who call themselves jewish. Given the reality of a near extermination of native people in what became the USA, and with no scriptural or historic evidence of any such plan beyond bloody racist colonial conquest, it may be miraculous that there are still descendants of native people here, though somehow, there are more Jews in the USA than Indians. And that’s without an Indian narrative of a euro-gentile-islamic-jewish conspiracy to annihilate them. Hmmm.

Material reality be damned, the American multi-cultural master race, even as it performs homicidal attacks on its own, is aligned with the never without existential threat chosen nation of Israel, even as it performs daily horror on palestinians in proving its godliness – even to its atheists –in screeching loud and clear the awful threat to humanity posed by Iran.

The most heavily armed nation that spends more money on weapons than any other and maintains foreign military bases in hundreds of countries should be feared, but it is not Iran. Except for those believers in the Easter Bunny and Tooth Fairy, it is the USA. And the most heavily armed military power in the Middle East, including nuclear weapons, is not Iran. Except for believers in the world being created in six days and the 911 conspiracy beginning on the seventh. Yet, this fanatic mindset with no substance in reality and as sensible as what provoked the racist murderer in South Carolina or the race supremacists in Tel Aviv would have it that Iran is a menace that must be contained. And who better to do the containing than the most belligerent, feared and hated countries in the world, asserted so by polling and arrived at by common sense and experience?

Those who espouse these political-economic-religious views do not try to hide the madness between their ears by wearing propeller beanies on their heads, so they are not identifiable simply by sight. They look just like us, even if they exercise infinitely more power than we have as long we allow them to reign under the guise of democracy. But if that up to now fictional theory doesn’t soon become practical reality, the idiocy that is bringing all of us closer to breakdown will not involve an idiot with a gun opening fire in a theater or a church, but maniacs with missiles, drones and nuclear weapons destroying more of the earth and its people than they have ever done before. Iran, like the rest of the world, deserves our respect as a nation and a people. As long as we allow ourselves to be led by disrespectful supremacists, we’ll have only ourselves to blame if or when the worst happens. We should take action before that dreadful day arrives.

Thursday, July 16, 2015

Bulletin: Escaped Mexican Drug Lord Enters Primary

Chapo Guzman, the escaped Mexican drug lord, has entered the Republican primary . He is running on a platform of civil rights for thousands of Mexicans here who are illegal, and as representative of tens of thousands of anglo  stoners, potheads, coke fiends and heroin addicts who deserve representation but will never get it under a "gringo dominated puritan regime".

Guzman says he truly understands the plight of illegals, having broken every drug law in Mexico and the USA  thousands of times. " Companeros, brothers, sisters, junkies, support me and you will bring yourselves and this nation to a new high."

When asked why he entered the Republican and not the Democratic primary, Guzman said  since there were so many candidates ( 18 so far counting Guzman) who would split the vote  a true minority candidate like him would have a better chance to win. The Supreme Court will have to rule on whether he is eligible to be president of the USA but if they rule against him he threatens to marry his brother, adopt a blonde transexual american, buy a dog and a cat and claim  discrimination against a Mexican ex-con gay married couple pet family simply trying to live the American immigrant dream.

Wednesday, July 15, 2015

A Close-Up of Pluto’s Heart


The first high-resolution close-ups of Pluto’s surface traveled three billion miles to arrive on Earth this morning. 

Shockingly, they revealed anti-semitic grafitti, swastikas, confederate flags and pornographic art from the Vatican collection scattered all over the landscape. 

The Southern Poverty Law Center has offered to conduct an in depth study of what this means for the future of life on earth and the SPLC's fund raising. 

"This confirms our suspicions that hateful bigotry and bigoted hatefulness  pre-date their establishment on earth but should no less continue to cause great fear on our planet's people and lead to greater collections of funds for our work."

Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Republicans Announce Coolidge, Hoover, Taft, Reagan to run in 2016!

The Republican party responded to criticism over its numerous candidates inviting late night, early morning and mid-day comedy performers a bonanza by announcing the posthumous candidacies of four more.

Calvin Coolidge, Herbert Hoover, Robert Taft and Ronald Reagan will be entered in the campaign and participate in debates via recordings, readings, videos and seances . 

"Their policies and philosophies still are what makes this the grand old party the intellectual leader of America's mentally disabled millions who are victims of too much tv, social media, drugs, alcohol, junk food and mainstream bipartisan politics, so why not honor their memory and remind this great nation of just why this great people are as great as we have become following the leadership of these great leaders for this great nation?" said an anonymous latino-gay-african american- christian-zionist white-female spokesperson for the Republican National Committee of Greatness in a Nation.

An anonymous Democratic Party gender fluid, multi cultural, immigrant born of surrogate parents,wall street-welfare collecting bi-partisan veteran of numerous wars waged by this great nation said " this great nation and this great party welcomes the participation of these great candidates and is considering running Franklin Roosevelt and John Kennedy in our primaries to further the knowledge that we are a great nation of great people who can be lead by dead leaders as well as living because the policies are the same in this great nation." 

Is this a great nation or what?




Plan Would Let Transgender People Serve Openly in Military

Macho men quit serving, refusing to invade, kill, main, bomb, burn, rape or capture foreigners while in the company of cross-dressing gender fluid non-heteronormatives.

Global Peace Community rejoices. 

Global War Community perplexed. 

Markets react sadly, take meds, rise, then sink, then collapse.